Mountain Valley Spring Water package options

You can receive Mountain Valley in many different sizes, including the larger glass bottles that go on water coolers and smaller bottles that are sold by the case.Here are the options available to you.
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2 1/2 gallon glass bottled water 5 gallon bottled glass water
2 1/2 Gallon Glass
5 Gallon Glass
spring water in glass bottle sparkling water in glass bottle half liter bottled glass water half liter bottled glass water 1 liter spring water in glass bottle 1 liter sparkling water in glass bottle
1/3 Liter Glass 1/2 Liter Glass 1 Liter Glass

12oz spring water PET bottle
1/2 liter spring water in plastic PET bottle
1.5 liter spring water bottle

12oz PET
1/2 Liter PET
1.5 Liter PET
NY5 In compliance with New York State Laws, each bottle has a refundable 5 cent deposit. This deposit is charged upon delivery and is credited when the empty bottles are returned to us. Our route drivers do pick up empty bottles of products we deliver in NY state. In New Jersey, there is not a deposit. so we do not charge a deposit and our drivers do not pick up empty bottles. Please recycle these bottles.

HWI $15.00: These bottles are returnable and reusable and have a company deposit on them. You will be charged deposit for each bottle delivered and when a bottle is returned to us/picked up by our route driver, the deposit is credited/refunded to you