Diamond Spring Water

Diamond Spring Water is a spring water that is from Mountain Valley Spring Company. The spring is “over the hill” from the Mountain Valley Spring site and bottling facility. As the aquifer and spring for Diamond are different than Mountain Valley, it does have a different mineral analysis and, because there are similar geological characteristics in the region, the minerals are similar. Diamond has minerals including calcium and magnesium, which are common with Mountain Valley, in slightly lower quantities. As the Diamond spring source is connected to the bottling facility by a contiguous stainless steel pipe, it is "bottled" at the source.

We distribute two packages under the Diamond label:

Diamond Spring Water
This is the spring water, available in a plastic 5 gallon bottle. For people looking for a water with Mountain Valley type quality, bottled under the same quality protection, but in a plastic bottle, Diamond Spring Water is for you.

Diamond Distilled Water
Taking the spring water, it is distilled and then packaged in a glass 5 gallon bottle. This may be the only spring water that is distilled and packaged in glass 5 gallon bottle

Diamond Spring Diamond  Distilled
Diamond Spring Diamond Distilled