Facts of Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water is the oldest continuous operating bottled water company in the United States. The company began in 1871, (that is only a few years after the end of the Civil War)
and has never stopped doing business. It has definitely stood the test of time.

Ever since Mountain Valley Spring Company began in 1871, every drop has come from the original spring source near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Many other companies, especially the big ones, have changed spring sources, added more spring sources or are not even spring waters. They may have changed because the spring was not big enough or to get closer to the major markets. Mountain Valley was, is and will continue to be from an excellent spring source. There is no need to make changes that could change or potentially sacrifice quality.

The water coming out of the spring is what rained 3500 years ago. Sounds crazy, nearly impossible, but this fact has been researched and documented by renowned geologists from the University of Arkansas. Click here to read this historical geological report.

Mountain Valley Spring Water earned the reputation of being “Water of the Presidents”. Beginning with Calvin Coolidge in 1925, thirteen US Presidents have served Mountain Valley Spring Water in the White house. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the two-term President and five-star General, stated at a press conference that he drank Mountain Valley on advise of his doctors following a heart attack.

Mountain Valley Spring Water was also the choice of Kings, including The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis and many
other celebrities of yesterday and today choose Mountain Valley. If you tour Graceland, Elvis’ home, you can see a supply of Mountain Valley that was delivered to him on display. Click Here To View Elvis' Jet (scroll down to last photo)

Mountain Valley Spring Water has a rich and storied history. If you would like to read the details about the early days, and past ownerships, you are encouraged to visit Mountain Valley Spring Company’s website. Click Here